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Pilates During Pregnancy

Try Pilates to stay fit, healthy and relaxed during your pregnancy. Pilates exercises and classes are an exceptional tool for prenatal and postnatal care. Pilates offer numerous benefits for expecting mothers. The main benefit to prenatal Pilates is its ability to increase your core strength. The body’s core is a combination of the abdominals, pelvic floor and spinal muscles. Pilates involves a series of movements and positions that help to improve your strength, flexibility and coordination. Pilates exercises focus on your abdominal, pelvic floor and back muscles, which are all vital to good posture, balance and strength. These muscles are also very important when it comes to childbirth.

The main benefit of Pilates is that it targets the exact muscles and functions that can be a problem during and after pregnancy, in a safe way. Keeping your core muscles strong throughout your pregnancy is particularly important to reduce the common aches and pains associated with the various stages of pregnancy. Developing these muscles before and during your pregnancy can help build strength and endurance for childbirth, which can reduce the duration of labor. Further, building these muscles before and during your pregnancy, can lead to a quicker and less painful recovery.

Pilates can keep you fit during your pregnancy, prepare you for labor and delivery, and-assist in an easier and faster recovery. Here is a summary of the many benefits of doing Pilates during your pregnancy:

  • Strengthen Muscles (abdominal, pelvic floor, spinal, legs & arms)

  • Reduce Back and Joint Pain

  • Relaxation

  • Increase Control of your Breath

  • Improve Coordination

  • Increase Flexibility

  • Improve your Balance

  • Reduce the Duration of Childbirth

  • Faster Recovery from Pregnancy

Each of the instructors at Bodhi Pilates is certified and abundantly experienced in prenatal and postnatal care. Join a Pilates class or schedule a private session to learn more about how Pilates can help prepare you during your pregnancy. For more information, contact Bodhi Pilates at 303-597-8483.

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