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Post Workout Meal Options

Fitness and workout enthusiasts surround us, but very few are doing it right. People fail to understand that hard workouts require proper nutrition to refuel the muscles. There is a common misconception that the job is finished after the workout – when it really isn't. Your post-workout meal is significant and has a real impact on your overall strength and fitness.

Our body uses the stored energy called glycogen as fluids and electrolytes are depleted, and muscle tissue is damaged when we work out. Therefore, it is imperative to make a proper post-workout meal with all the required nutrients to replenish the energy lost. Right nutrients allow the glycogen level to rise, stimulate protein synthesis, repair the muscle tissue and restore the fluids and electrolytes.

Some common questions asked about post-workout meals include how long one should wait before eating, what are some of the best post-workout meals, and how much quantity should they be consumed? Well, we're here to answer all of those for you.

Creating the Ideal Post-Workout Meal

Your post-workout meal should be a combination of two food groups, carbohydrates and proteins, and you should have it after 30-60 minutes of your workout. Having the right meal allows you to keep the metabolism burning the right way and helps restore your the energy.

Experts suggest the intake of whole foods – eggs, lean meat, vegetables, and fruits.

Let's find out some perfect post-workout foods.

Fish or Chicken

Fish and chicken are an incredible source of lean protein, serving as an ideal post-workout meal. Lean proteins help the body replenish all the muscle-recovery benefits with lesser calories and saturated fats. Fish and chicken have leucine, valine, and isoleucine, contributing to muscle repair and growth. Grill that chicken or bake that fish beforehand to relish it after an intense workout.


Avocados are filling and delicious! They can be great as a post-workout meal as they can cater to your hunger while keeping you healthy. Avocados are decked with healthy fat, and it's best if you pair them with some chickpeas or a hardboiled egg.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are probably one of the most famous post-workout snacks because they're quick to make, taste delicious, and you can have it on the go. It's a great way to provide your body with the needed protein, but be careful that you have the right protein shake that doesn't have a lot of added sugar. Do your homework and get your hands on the right one!


Quinoa has both post-workout essentials that are protein and carbohydrates. If you're someone who enjoys grains, then quinoa can be the best post-workout meal choice. It's gluten-free and tends to work well for most people. If you want to have a power-packed post-workout meal, we suggest you pair it up with some fish or poultry and add some vegetables too!

Bottom Line

We've shared some ideal post-workout meals, but don't forget to keep yourself hydrated! Water intake plays a crucial role before, during, and after the workout as it keeps the internal system clear and free of toxins.

Consistent workouts and good meals are the perfect way to meet your body and fitness goals. If you need some quick tips and meal prep ideas, connect with us, and we will indeed address all your pre and post-workout issues. Call or text at 303-597-8483

Keep striving, and we promise that you'll get there!

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