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The Importance Of Warm-up and Cool-down Before And After Your Workout

Do you often feel tempted to skip your warm-up and cool-down sessions by jumping right into the workout? If yes, it is time to alter your approach. When you don't stretch properly, you also increase your risk of injury and severe back problems while putting extra strain on your muscles. Exercise is a great way to thrive and live longer only if it includes an excellent stretching session before and after the workout.

What Are The Benefits Of A Warm-up & Cool-down Session?

While warm-up exercises can prepare your body for more strenuous activiies such as resistance training and cardio, cool-down exercises will promote blood flow and reduce muscle stress. Here are some of the many benefits of having a good stretch before and after a workout.

Increases Flexibility

According to Healthline, being more flexible can make it easier to move and exercise correctly. When you indulge in stretching your body before and after a workout, you will instantly feel better. This technique works well because it helps you open those tight muscles so that you can move your joints more freely with a full range of motion. With more flexibility and less tension in the muscles, you will reduce the chances of getting severe muscle cramps.

Lowers The Risk Of Injury

Ever experienced a muscle spasm or two during a push-up? That might be because you skipped your warm-up. When you actively warm your muscles, you help them relax and release the tension. Muscle strains and injuries are quite common for those who do not get a good warm-up session before a workout.

Increases Blood Flow & Oxygen

Your muscles may get the right nutrients from protein, but you need to help regulate blood flow and oxygen in your body to nourish them before getting into an intense session.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, a good stretch revitalizes the cardiovascular system by increasing body temperature and blood flow to the muscles. Moreover, during a warm-up or cool down, your breathing is controlled, relaxing your whole body. The movements such as cat-cow and the upward dog will elevate the oxygen supply, slow down the heart rate relax your muscles after a workout.

Reduces Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness and muscle tension are most commonly seen in people who don't indulge in a warm-up and cool-down session. When you have less muscle tension, you can stay consistent with your workout routine and move more easily without stiffness. These movements will also prepare you for the next day and help your muscles recover so that nothing can stop you from that hardcore sweat session that you have planned for yourself.

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