Virtual Classes


Our Services & Rates

Private & Semi-Private Rates


Private Sessions are one-on-one or semi-private sessions specifically tailored and designed for your individual needs and goals. 


First Private Session:  $44  ($40 Savings)

Single Private: $84 Per Person

10 Pack Privates: $740 ($100 Savings)


Semi-Private Session: $55 Per Person

10 Pack Semi-Privates: $475 ($75 Savings)


Group Rates


All Group Equipment and Bodhi Barre Classes have a maximum of five individuals.  All Pilates Suspension Training classes have a maximum of three individuals. Drop in clients are welcome, but we recommend you register for a group class because classes are often full.


Single Class: $35

10 Pack of Classes: $285 ($65 Savings)


*Try Your First Group Class at Bodhi for Free!

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Monthly Memberships & Package Specials


Monthly Unlimited Membership allows member to attend one class per day

and requires a 3 month commitment

 Starter Pack - (2 Privates & 4 Group Classes):  $215 ($93 Savings)


Monthly Membership - 4 Classes Per Month: $100 ($40 Savings)


Monthly Membership - 8 Classes Per Month: $200 ($80 Savings)


Unlimited Class Option - $265 (Limit 1 Class Per Day)


SAVE 10% - Purchase a Package of 10 or more Sessions/Classes



In 10 Sessions You'll Feel Different.

In 20 Sessions You'll Look Different.

And In 30 Sessions You'll Have A New Body.

- Joseph H. Pilates 1911