Our Studio

Bodhi Pilates is a family owned and innovative Pilates Studio with compassionate instructors focused on providing a positive movement experience.  Our highly educated and Certified instructors will prepare a personalized and prescriptive program specifically tailored and designed for you.  Each program will incorporate exercises that prioritize strength, stability, balance, proprioception and flexibility.  

Bodhi offers a variety of formats to keep you motivated and give you the best results in the shortest amount of time.  Our studio offers Balanced Body® Reformers, Towers, EXO Chairs, Cadillac, Avalon Barrel, Suspension Systems, and a variety of small apparatus. Suitable and adaptable for all populations, Pilates is perfect for group exercise, semi-private and private sessions, pre and post-natal sessions, post-rehabilitation sessions and home instruction.   At Bodhi Pilates, you will improve your postural alignment and increase your body awareness, while simultaneously developing and deepening your strength and flexibility. Allow us to nurture your minds and body.