Meet Our Instructors


My name is Laura McKaskle.  I am certified through BASI Pilates.  I created and founded Bodhi Pilates with the hope that Pilates transforms you as it has me.  Pilates has had a profound impact on my mental and physical awareness.  I was a busy attorney for an international law firm when I began practicing Pilates.  I fell in love instantly, not only with the physical changes to the shape of my body, but to the relief I felt by re-aligning my spine and strengthening my core.   I was reshaped and renewed physically and emotionally, which allowed me to find harmony and balance.  I left my career as an attorney and became a Pilates instructor to help others realize similar transformations.  Bodhi Pilates is a dream fulfilled for me, to create a beautiful, fun and energetic place where people can share their passion for Pilates and strengthen their minds and bodies.



My name is Meredith Larimer. I am a PMA certified instructor.  I am also a certified Massage Therapist, and I have been practicing for over 13 years.  I have studied neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, and pre/post-partum therapies.  I became interested in Pilates because of massage.  Pilates training allowed me to reach my peak of physical fitness and experience true mind-body awareness.  Pilates for me is a form of massage through active movement.  As a busy mother of four children, it is vital that I maximize my time spent being active or in the gym.  I found that the ultimate forum for maximum health and success is Pilates.


My name is Ashley Curran, and I have always been a student of movement.  I was born in Colorado, and was a competitive figure skater for 10 years, a dancer and an avid skier since the age of 3.  I was classically trained and received my Pilates teacher training through Hope Petrine in Denver, CO.  I love the beauty and simplicity of the classical exercises but enjoy incorporating more of the modern functional exercises into my classes.  I have worked with 90 year old students, professional dancers and para-Olympians.  I have also been a yoga teacher since 2002 and teach hatha, vinyasa and adaptive yoga.  I teach yoga to people with mobility disabilities, and I have presented at teacher trainings, conferences and camps all over the state to yoga teachers, caregivers and healthcare professionals.


My name is Laura McInnis.  I began teaching Pilates in St. Louis, MO in 2001 at the Pilates Center of St. Louis.  I was an apprentice under classically trained Karen Prechtl (Romana Kryzanowska).  I also learned from many of Pilates Center of Boulder teacher trainers.  I then worked with many other contemporary master instructors and attended Michelle Larsson's Core Dynamics.  In 2008, I moved to New Mexico and began studying under Blythe Eden and Suzanne Gutterson for 5 years.  I am extremely diverse, dedicated, and a driven instructor.  I am also certified to teach on the Bodhi Suspension System, and I am currently furthering my education and attending Balanced Body's Comprehensive teacher training program.  

My name is Tammy Shipley and I received my Pilates Mat and Reformer training through Balanced Body Education. I enjoy being active and learning about the body. I’m a licensed physical therapist and have worked with a variety of ages and conditions. My Pilates journey began as I sought to find a form of exercise that would work on my core strength, flexibility, and alignment due to an extensive spinal fusion for scoliosis I had as a young teenager.I found that Pilates could be modified for my body, and helped me to feel more balanced, efficient, and experience less discomfort in my daily, fitness, and recreational activities. I love the whole body approach and connection for both mind and body that Pilates brings.With my background in physical therapy, I am passionate about how effective Pilates is for injury recovery and prevention, and improving the overall quality of life for Pilates practitioners of all fitness levels. I enjoy continually learning and am continuing my education in both the fields of Pilates and Physical Therapy.



My name is Sarah Herscovici. I am trained in Lagree Fitness Pilates and have been teaching for over a year. I grew up playing a variety of sports including soccer, tennis and long distance running. I originally got started in Pilates as I was looking for an intense, yet sustainable way to work out...and Pilates is just that! I fell in love with the practice and plan to continue my education with BASI in the Spring of 2019. 


Ashley Capenos grew up in Syracuse, NY working for her father's fitness club, Metro Fitness. At the young age of 12 she was introduced to the benefits of Pilates to aid in her softball training. After receiving a BA in Biology from Alfred University in May 2015, she began to pursue Pilates more seriously as a career. With a strong love and understanding of anatomy and kinesiology, she began her studies with Balanced Body Pilates in 2015. During her time in Syracuse, she managed the private reformer studio and created and organized many community fitness events. Since moving to Colorado in April of 2018, she plans to continue teaching and expanding her knowledge of Pilates to become fully PMA certified.

Heide Zufall recently relocated to Colorado from Northern Virginia and is learning to be a mountain girl.  A former international dancer who majored in dance at SUNY Purchase, Heide appreciates the importance of wellness in body, mind and spirit.  After many years as a yoga student, Heide completed a teacher training program at Health Advantage Yoga Center in Herndon, VA.   She then began taking Pilates at The Pilates Room in McLean, VA and liked how much stronger she felt physically from the inside and out.   Pilates helped her to strengthen the weakness around her joints and spine caused by years of dancing and “tucking”.  Upon encouragement from Janine Donlon, she became a certified Pilates teacher and completed a comprehensive training program on all apparatus and mat with PHI Pilates in Pittsburgh under the guidance of Christine Romani-Ruby. Heide continues to learn by attending various Yoga and Pilates workshops, lately focusing on anatomy.  

“Strengthening the posture and improving alignment will hopefully alleviate stress in the body and mind and make your world outside the studio better. “ 

I was first introduced to Pilates while working as a professional ballet dancer with the Joffrey Ballet and the American Ballet Theater in New York City in my late teens. Pilates helped me prevent common injuries and I found that it helped undo some of the damage of overtraining that comes with dancing. I left dancing to pursue a career as a physician and practiced medicine as an Internist for 15 years.  I recently left my career as a physician and became a certified Pilates instructor.  Since leaving the dance world many years ago, I have consistently used Pilates to help stay healthy through the many challenges I have put my body through. Pilates not only helped me stay healthy as a dancer, it has helped me through the challenges of my medical training, recovery from childbirth and the daily challenges of being a mom of 3. I truly believe that Pilates is an exercise for every person at every stage of their lives.   I love that I can bring my unique experiences as a dancer and physician to help my clients achieve healthy                                                          bodies through the practice of Pilates.